Sesc São Paulo
Established by entrepreneurs of trade in goods and services in 1946, Social Service of Commerce – Sesc, has among its priorities the promotion of education, culture, leisure, health and citizenship. It is a nonprofit organization that promotes the welfare and improvement of life quality of members and also the general population.

The actions offered by Sesc are an outcome of a solid cultural and educational project that brings, since its creation by the commerce, services and tourism sector in 1946, the mark of innovation and social transformation. Over the years, Sesc has been innovative by introducing new models of cultural actions and highlighted, in the decade of 1980, education as a project for social transformation. Accomplishing this purpose has come to fruition by an intense action on the field of culture and its different demonstrations, destined to all audiences, of diverse age groups and social strata. This does not mean only offering a great diversity of events, but effectively contributing for more lasting and meaningful experiences. In the State of São Paulo, Sesc has thirty-six cultural centers, most of them being also sports centers, as well as a TV station (SescTV), a website (Portal SescSP), a publishing house (Edições Sesc São Paulo), a record label that produces DVDs and CDs (Selo Sesc) and a Research and Training Center.

Sesc has been the main partner of Videobrasil for over 20 years, undertaking the biennial festival of contemporary art which bears its signature; annual exhibitions of established artists or from the geopolitical South, focus of the Association; on tour projects with the Festival and exhibitions at other cities from Brazil and abroad; audiovisual productions and publications on contemporary art and culture.

associação cultural videobrasil
Established by Solange Farkas in 1991, Associação Cultural Videobrasil was born of the desire for an institution to house a growing body of artworks and publications amassed since the first edition of Festival Videobrasil, in 1983. Ever since, Associação has been working systematically to activate this collection, comprising artworks from the world’s Geopolitical South – Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East –, video art classics, own productions, and a vast collection of art publications.

Apart from the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, held every two years, Associação carries out several actions geared at researching, publicizing and mapping out its collection: international art shows; travelling exhibitions; publications about contemporary art and culture; TV shows and the Videobrasil Authors Collection documentaries; seminars, workshops and meetings with artists and researchers, in constant interaction with various fields of knowledge; and artist residency programs, in connection with a wide-ranging network of international collaborators.

2015 will see the launch of Videobrasil’s new headquarters in São Paulo: Galpão VB, a facility designed to permanently activate the collection’s artworks. A new home for the actions of Associação, Galpão VB will house exhibitions, film programs, seminars, workshops, artist residencies, and laboratories for creation and reflection. It will enable more consistent meeting and sharing with the community of artists, curators and researchers that the Festival values so much, as well as allow the public constant contact with the collection, through access to the Video Library, featuring 1,300-plus items, and a reading room with over 3,200 titles. Covering an 800m2 area, Galpão VB will be the first space devoted to the visual arts in São Paulo’s Vila Leopoldina district, including a services area, a café and a store, all open to the public.