Word from Sesc

by Danilo Santos de Miranda
Regional Director, Sesc São Paulo

Indifference and conformism tend to conceal a certain uneasiness caused by the multiple demands of contemporary life. One way to shake up the status quo is to promote moments of suspension and uncanniness capable of cultivating other possible forms of being in the world. These moments of suspension can be achieved in many ways, especially through the arts.

In this context, freedom of expression becomes all the more relevant insofar as it jeopardizes an entire civilizing model that is fraught with frequent crises. This idea carries, in its core, templates for an overcoming through the pursuit of new fields and opportunities, through creativity, experimentation, criticism, and reflection. On this non-polarized terrain, where nothing is predefined, what prevail are chosen and emotional bonds associated with human interaction, with the notion of transitoriness, and with a certain tendency towards improvisation and tolerance regarding error.

In dealing with subjectivities, symbolic creations coax us to draft in other interfaces and connections, harbor elements of doubt, and open a space for new questions and lines of investigation. This allows unlikely combinations to throw open doors onto horizontal dialogues and enable other network-based actions.

Since 1992, Sesc’s partnership with Associação Cultural Videobrasil has worked to promote and spread this singularity of expressions, and in so doing it has been able to count on curators, artists and researchers from different territories and cultures identified with the global South. It is an initiative that also aims to engage various publics in debates, knowledge sharing, and cultural fruition as preconditions for triggering a reflexive process in deliberate opposition to the conformism and indifference that can numb movements for social transformation.

In this context, the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas, now in its nineteenth edition, strengthens its educational take on issues that are central to the contemporary world, valuing the perspectives of art as key elements in building critical thinking.