Kush Badhwar | India / Australia

Artist and filmmaker. He completed a master’s degree in Arts from the University of Technology in Sydney, in 2006 and a postgraduate degree from the Film & Television Institute of India in Pune, India, in 2007. Badhwar works with film and photography. In his productions, he performs artistic interventions characterized by informal, makeshift political engagement whose protagonists are the social actors themselves, subverting the definitions of traditional mass media. He approaches the political situation in India, investigating the country’s urban and social scenario and the modes of cultural response to violence, using words and sounds. His work has been shown at the South Asian Visual Arts Centrein Toronto, Canada (2014); the Berlinale in Berlin, Germany (2014); the Experimenta 13 in Bangalore, India (2013); Atelier Arcadias in Nuremberg, Germany (2012); Sarai - Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in New Delhi, India, (2012). Kush Badhwar lives and works between Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad, India.

Blood Earth | 2013, video

Kucheipadar, a village in India’s Odisha state, is rich in bauxite. Since the liberal reforms of the 1990s, the locality has witnessed violent clashes between a mining company and the Adivasis, the original inhabitants of the Indian territory. Blood Earth alternates between footage of local musical tradition, of daily life in the village, and of the political struggle of its residents, delivering a powerful depiction of conflicts in modern-day India.

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