Dor Guez | Israel

A visual artist, Dor Guez is the director of the Photography Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, and an associate professor and researcher at the Faculty of the Arts of Tel Aviv University, in the same country. His installations involve video and photography to question the metanarratives of nations, the role of contemporary art in non-written storytelling, and its ability to perturb these narratives. The artist’s cultural background as a descendent of Palestinian Christians and Tunisian Jews is incorporated into his practice and his approach towards Arab culture, often re-contextualizing visual and written documents. In 2009, he launched the Christian-Palestinian Archive, the first archive devoted to this minority in the Middle East. He has been featured in exhibitions at the Art Museum, Boston, USA (2012); 3rd Moscow international Biennale, Russia (2012); 12th Istanbul Biennial, Turkey (2011); Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2011); The Jewish Museum, New York, USA (2010); KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany (2010). Dor Guez lives and works in Jaffa. 

Bypass | 2013, installation

The piece shows a path used daily by Palestinians who work in Jerusalem. Guez draws a parallel between the trek and the Wall of Israel, built under the pretext of protecting the Israeli territory from terrorist acts, but denounced as another action intended to occupy the West Bank. Each slide presents new data about the region, like a chronicle of a path that represents a complex and unstable relationship between peoples.

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