Andres Bedoya | Bolivia

A visual artist, he holds a degree in Arts and Design from the University of Texas, Austin, USA, 2001. He works with video, installation, photography, objects and drawings. His work explores how collective experience, social context and production of meaning in daily life inform the construction of social identity over time. Through the reinterpretation of personal and social watershed events, his artworks use materials and spaces from the Bolivian context to address the plasticity of memory, the inconsistence of self-perception and the body’s relationship with time. His work has been shown in solo exhibits at Galería Temporal, Santiago, Chile (2014); Centro Cultural de España, La Paz, Bolivia (2012); Abrons Arts Center, New York, USA (2012); Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia (2009); Happy Ending, New York, USA (2005); and other institutions. He has been featured in group exhibitions at the Santa Cruz Biennale, Bolivia (2012); Fundación de Arte y Culturas Bolivianas, La Paz, Bolivia (2008); Austin Museum of Modern Art, USA (2001); and others. Bedoya curated the exhibition Brooklyn is Burning, at New York’s MoMA PS1 (2010). He lives and works in La Paz.

Jugando | 2010/2015, digital image

Shot in a near-rural area of Bolivia, the series is the outcome of a game played by four children, in which death and a cruel way of dealing with it appear to go unnoticed. Jugando explores the ways in which a spontaneous action, its context, and its memory speak of the building of an identity. It is also an inquiry into the processes that originate culture, beyond formal practices, as well as an attempt to consider, through new perspectives and everyday actions, the plasticity of memory and the body’s relationship with space.

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